Damien Creagh


Deva Palmier

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Director                                            Deva Palmier
Cinematographer                             Jon Felix
Production Company                       Deva Films

Glenda, an unemployed misfit, falls in love with Freddie, her goldfish. As her search for work flounders, her love for Freddie deepens and she feels her place is at his side... 

Winner, Silver Plaque Best Narrative Short, Chicago International Film Festival 2003
Nominee, Best British Short, Edinburgh International Film Fest 2003
Nominee, AFI Fest 2003
Nominee, BBC New Filmmakers Award, Encounters International 2004
Nominee, Best of British Award, Encounters International 2005
Nominee, Best Short, Foyle Film Festival 2003
Nominee, Best Short Film, Palm Springs International Film Festival 2004
Nominee, Best Short, Rushes Soho Short Festival 2004


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