Damien Creagh

King For A Term

Idris Elba


Director                                            Idris Elba
Cinematographer                             John Conroy
Production Company                       Sprout Pictures

In 1980s Hackney nine-year old Akuna's proud father sees him as the next Eddy Grant, but Akuna is asthmatic, which means he must attend a special school for children with disabilities and before long he has fallen foul of sadistic teacher Mr Grimme, who labels him Asthma Boy. Akuna however, with the help of a cheeky Scots fellow student, soon leads the rest of the class into humiliating Mr Grimme, making Akuna King for a Term.

Part of the Playhouse Presents series, Sky Arts.

“Distinguished by sumptuous design and a seductive visual aesthetic lifted straight from Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, all heightened, polarised primary colours.”
Horatio Clare, The Telegraph


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