Damien Creagh


Idris Elba

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Director                                            Idris Elba
Cinematographer                             John Conroy
Production Company                       Warp Films

The story of a young Jamaican who, on arriving in early 1980s London, unexpectedly finds the young man who assassinated his revered brother back in Jamaica ten years before. His quest for justice explodes into a violent street war that could end up killing him and his loved ones.

Winner, National Film Awards UK
Nominee, World Cinema, Sundance
Nominee, CICAE Art Cinema, Berlin

“Matters are steadied by Elba’s precision – in everything from the patois to the quiet excellence of Damien Creagh’s production design – and the smart choices made in casting.”
Mike McCahill, The Guardian

“Aided by production designer Damien Creagh, Hackney native Elba captures the period details of early 1980s London with the eye of someone who has lived through it (I marvelled at the decor of the front rooms). There’s some flair, too, in how the film uses colour and scale to capture the verdant hills in its Jamaica-set prologue, the bright, poppy blues and greens giving them a kind of mythic quality.”
Simran Hans, The Guardian

“Kudos must go to production designer Damien Creagh for recreating the interiors of a 1980s council-housing block.”
Kaleem Aftab, Cineuropa 

“Elba has… succeeded in achieving authenticity through Damien Creagh’s meticulous production design.”
Joyce Glasser, Mature Times


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